Jules Martinet is a bassist, double bass player and composer from Lausanne, based in Zurich. He is currently developing the trio HOLD as well as a solo double bass. He is also regularly seen on stage, in Switzerland and abroad, with Andrina Bollinger, Dino Brandão, Aurelie Emery, Monument or Chris Wiesendanger. Always interested in rock, jazz, punk, electronic and experimental music, Jules Martinet constantly feeds himself with the different elements that each musical universe can offer him, letting himself be inspired by the artists that surround him and by the music that makes him vibrate.
Jules Martinet studied with Bänz Oester, Dominique Girod and Larry Grenadier and also composes and produces music for dance and theatre.


Active Collaborations / Bands


Dino Brandão

Andrina Bollinger

Aurélie Emery


Wiesendanger/Grin/Martinet Trio

Tobias Jensen

Polar Circles


Other collaborations: Andrina Bollinger, Dino Brandão, Arthur Hnatek, Polar Circles, Daniel Roelli, Clément Grin, Veronica Fusaro, Matthieu Llodra, Valentin Liechti, Aurélie Emery, Nicolas Masson, Chris Wiesendanger, Pius Baschnagel, Christoph Grab, David Virelles, Carmabylon (Carmela Sager), Leo Fumagalli, Ezequiel Balseca, Korto, Tiziana Greco, MakeMake (Ex Immigration Unit), Noé Franklé, Giovanni Vicari, Alvin Schwaar, Bart Plugers, Tobias Jensen, Veronica Fusaro, Maxence Sibille, Vincent Membrez, Rapheal Jost,…